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Streamline Your Canterbury Business With Our Advanced Cash Registers

We provide Canterbury and Kent based pubs, bars, restaurants, and commercial properties with reliable cash registers and EPoS systems. Our installations are guaranteed for your satisfaction. 

Counting money is integral, especially for businesses like restaurants, pubs and bars where customers must get the correct change and a top service. To ensure mistakes don't occur, DHFE's cash registers provide an ideal solution; three different models are available to suit every operation and help employees work swiftly and proficiently.  

Show your prospects and returning customers that you and your team are more than capable of upholding professional standards, even in trying circumstances. Our EPoS and cash register systems, the perfect solution for businesses in Canterbury, will have a lasting effect on how you manage your transactions. We are confident these registers will make a strong impression.  

Having a cash register is essential for your Canterbury business, especially if you're in retail or restaurants. It must be able to handle payments efficiently, with accuracy and precision. In an active setting, it's important that the cash register functions perfectly, so you can always be confident in providing their customers the accurate change promptly. Our cash registers at Canterbury can be connected to any of our EPoS systems for improved convenience, making it easier for you to maintain and control your business from one or two points. This will help lower the amount of stress involved.

Discover more information about our cash registers and speak to one of our experts regarding your needs by calling 01634 914059. Our team are on hand to guide you through how to make the best use of your new EPoS systems in pubs, shops, bars or restaurants in Canterbury. Get unbiased and impartial advice that caters to your needs.

Make Your Business Operations Easier With Our Cash Register Solutions 

We provide Canterbury with a wide range of cash register systems, from three distinct types. Installation is included in the service we offer:

  • Programmable Cash Register Systems for Hospitality
  • Entry Level Cash Registers
  • Programmable Cash Register Systems for Retail


Entry level cash register                                                   Hospitality cash register

Our team of specialists can provide your Canterbury business with a tailored cash register solution, whatever the industry. Our versatile range covers hospitality and retail; we are able to offer EPoS and MPoS options that fit your requirements perfectly. No matter if you're looking to purchase or rent - bars, restaurants, pubs and more - our solutions will help your business become both optimised and efficient.

Get The Cash Registers Your Business Needs - Delivered To You In Canterbury, Kent & The South East

Kent business owners in Canterbury can contact us to find out more about our cash registers that are available to buy or rent. Simply give us a ring on 01634 914059, or drop by the contact page on our website to talk with an experienced member of staff.