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Affordable and Trusted Touch Screen Rental in Folkestone

EPoS touch screenOur touch screen displays will make serving your Folkestone customers quick and easy. 

With a wide variety of touch screen till systems to choose from, we are Folkestone's retail and hospitality sector's first choice when it comes to innovative and efficient customer service solutions and our easy-to-use EPoS system. 

Manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry, our touch screen till systems are ideal for any retail or hospitality environment; be it a single till for a small cafe to a complete EPoS system for a chain of restaurants, stores, hotels or nightclubs. 

If you want to know more about our EPoS system or want to arrange a rental, call Folkestone's experts at DHFE on 01634 914059, or get in touch with us through our contact form.

All our Touch Screen Systems use TouchPoint EPoS Software by ICRTouch


Enhance your Folkestone business at the point of sale with ICRTouch's TouchPoint EPoS software. With annual software upgrades, you will be at the forefront of EPoS systems, allowing you to run your business utilising one of the best pieces of equipment on the market. TouchPoint enables you to keep a note of employees reliably, easily and simply, serve customers and run through transactions. Even if there is a power cut, TouchPoint will retain and store the transaction and have it ready for you when the lights come back on.  

TouchOffice Web

Partnering with our TouchPoint till software, TouchOffice Web gives you access to all live and archival sales data for as many people as you require. From a single till to a number of branches, you will be able to analyse your data and generate reports to identify trends and patterns. This means you will be able to better understand and improve your Folkestone business, using all receipt data that is uploaded straight to TouchOffice Web.


PocketTouch improves your customer service, meaning there is a lot less waiting around and orders can be processed and recorded straight to your kitchen. Information is clear and legible, so your cooks won't have to worry about bad handwriting or lost orders either! ICRTouch's EPoS system allows your waiting staff to plan the whole restaurant out as a floor plan, monitoring each individual table's progress and allowing them to know when they need the bill. 


TouchKitchen is the perfect addition to your Folkestone catering business, transforming the way your orders are processed. This EPoS software eliminates the need for printouts or paper, transferring the order straight to the kitchen and to a PC, digital signage device or tablet. Different 'states' can be assigned to items as required, as well as individual orders being highlighted; tickets are able to be efficiently organised by colour schemes and completion times can be rearranged to suit personal preferences.

Other EPoS software

We also provide more EPoS software add-ons for our clients, including: TouchOffice, TouchLoyalty, ​​Touch&Stock, TouchReservation, TouchTopUp , TouchAbacus and TouchTakeaway.

Call us today on 01634 914059 or leave us a message on our contact page to learn more about our range of touch screen tills with easy-to-use EPoS systems or arrange your rental programme.