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Gravesend's Leading MPoS Specialists

We are proud to provide Gravesend with high quality, trustworthy and dependable MPoS installation and maintenance solutions. Our clients can rely on us for their needs.

When running your Gravesend business, you want to be able to finish your sale quickly with no delays. Our MPoS systems allow you to take payments from anywhere in your restaurant or shop, giving you the opportunity to interact with customers directly. Our touch screen tills align perfectly with our EPoS and MPoS systems, giving you full control over your point of sale. 

Discover DHFE's MPoS systems and how our friendly team can help you to meet your business' needs. Contact us on 01634 914059 or by using the contact form to find out more.

High quality MPoS systems that will make your Gravesend business more efficient

We provide a diverse selection of MPoS systems to commercial clients in Gravesend. Our customers rely on these solutions to maximise their business capabilities. They include:

  • TouchPoint
  • TouchOffice Web
  • PocketTouch
  • TouchKitchen

Our MPoS systems are designed to help your Gravesend business run smoother for a cheaper cost. With our cash registers and touch screen tills you will be able to rent or buy, plus the added bonus of regular servicing that comes along with them, your company's sales process will vastly improve and make sales in a much more effective and reliable way.

Our systems help improve shops and restaurants across Gravesend

Our clients in Gravesend benefit from our cutting-edge MPoS systems, making sure they have the right technology for their business needs.

To discover more about our MPoS service, get in touch today on 01634 914059 or via our contact page. Our expert team at DHFE can provide the perfect EPoS and touch screen solutions for businesses located around Gravesend.