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Affordable Sundries

PDQ RollsIn addition to our innovative cash registers, touch screen till systems and electronic weighing scales, we also have a wide variety of sundries for you to purchase; everything from till and PDQ rolls to spare parts, ink ribbons and magnetic cards.

All competitive priced and manufactured to the highest quality by the biggest names in the industry, our sundries are suitable for a wide variety of retail and hospitality environments, including shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, launderettes and hotels.

If you would like to know more, you can always contact our experienced and friendly team on 01634 914059.

Magnetic Stripe custom card printing for Membership, Staff & Tab cards

We can produce high quality custom cards for use with any EPoS system.  Membership cards for social clubs, staff cards for door access, clocking in/ out for time and attendance, clerk cards for EPoS sign on and tab cards for bars and restaurants.

Till, Kitchen, Dry Cleaning & PDQ Rolls

All our rolls are made from A grade material, reducing paper dust and giving you a quality receipt for your customers. All our rolls are available in a variety of sizes, colours and types, making them ideal for any retail environment.

Ink Ribbons

We stock an extensive variety of inks, suitable for all types of cash register and EPoS printer.

Spare Parts

We also offer many spare parts for cash registers, touch screen till systems and bar equipment. Staff sign-on keys, spare till keys, replacement printers, keyboards and displays are also available.